Dr. Florian Klingler

Junior Professor, TU Ilmenau, Germany


  • DyMoNet - Dynamic Mobile Networks: Small cell base stations on cars, resource management in such dynamic environments. Funding: DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft). Project time: 09/2021-08/2024. Institutions: Paderborn University, TU Berlin, University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland (HES-SO). Team @ UPB: Dr. Florian Klingler (PI).

In the following list of projects I was involved during my affiliation with the CCS-Labs group:

  • Hy-Nets4all - Simulation Platform for Optimized Electric Driving: Holistic development and validation platform for optimizing electric driving in urban environments. Funding: EU/EFRE.NRW. Project time: 08/2019-07/2022

  • VCE - Virtual Cycling Environment: Characterizing and modeling cyclists behavior for developing next generation safety assistance systems. Funding: internal CCS project. Project time: since 10/2018

  • Wireless Tractors: Modeling crop fields in an agricultural context for vehicular network simulation. Funding: CLAAS E-Systems GmbH. Project time: 07/2019-09/2019

  • AgriculturalV2V: Cooperative driving for agricultural vehicles through wireless communication Funding: Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF). Project time: 01/2018-05/2018

  • CarParkComm: Exploring communication limits in a multi-store car park solution through a signal propagation focused measurement study. Funding: Lödige Systems GmbH. Project time: 01/2018-12/2018

  • Safety4Bikes - Safety assistance system for cycling kids: Development of assistance system functionalities to improve the safety of kids on bicycles using behavior prediction and wireless communication technologies. Funding: BMBF. Project time: 01/2017-06/2020

  • Hy-Nets - Efficient Hybrid Propulsion using Vehicular Networks: Holistic investigation of hybrid propulsion in large scale cities for optimizing emissions and travel times using vehicular networking. Funding: EU/EFRE.NRW. Project time: 04/2016-01/2019

  • ML-IVC - Multi-Layer Inter-Vehicle Communication: Adaptive and self-organizing inter-vehicle communication based on short range radio broadcast; protocol design, simulation techniques, and experimental field tests. Funding: internal CCS project. Project time: 09/2011-03/2014